Superstition isn’t really something I believe in. Black cats that cross the street from right to left aren’t that terrifying to me. Maybe I should’ve paid more attention to not get out the wrong side of bed that morning. Or was it because of the date, Friday 13th.

My advice is: Don’t ever listen to your mother when she asks you to go shopping quickly. That usually ends in a car accident. So when everyone got the message school was going to be closed, I had other things to worry about.

“But honestly, it can only get better”, I thought.

Well, that was before all my hobbies were cancelled and there were strict regulations for the riding stables and for meeting friends.

At least I have had no problems with schoolwork and found my own daily routine.

There have been some good moments even during the Coronavirus lockdown: We celebrated family birthdays in online meetings. That was definitely something I had never expected to happen.

My parents, my brother and I celebrated a “Corona party”, which was pretty funny if you ask me. Not to forget the “Quarantäne-Konzert” of the ‘Lumpenpack’.

The time of lockdown hasn’t been as bad for me and my family as for many others because we do the best we can and we don’t have existential worries.

Amelie Müller (10D)

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